We offer many different types of massages to alleviate physical, mental, and emotional stress while restoring health to the body, mind, and spirit. 

Express Relief Chair Massage  25 min $25
Your neck, back, and shoulder areas are massaged to give you a quick rejuvenation. 

Express Pick Me Up Chair, Foot, and Pie Massage 35 min $40
Your feet are soaked in aromatherapy washes as you relax while oils and lotions are used to relieve stress. This all while enjoying your favorite pie. 

Hard Workers Foot Massage 30 min $30 / 60 min $55
You work hard and your feet need love too! Your feet are soaked in aromatherapy washes while oils and lotions are used to relieve stress.

A Touch Of Heaven 45 min $45 / 60 min $90
A gentle relaxing head-to-toe Swedish body massage. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a bed of clouds.

Deep Tissue Swedish (Firm) 45 min $55 / 60 min $100
Firm deep pressure relieving muscles and joints from stress or strain. 

Go Deeper Hot Stone Massage 80 min $125
Your body is fully warmed with hot stones mixed with oils while using relaxing techniques to further distress your body. 

Trigger Point Massage 45 min $45
Will find the source of pain and cater to those painful areas.

PreNatal Massage (After 1 Tri-Master) 50 min $80
Soothing massage helps relieve stress on joints, reduce neck pain and back pain, while helping to eliminate fluid retention. 

Couples Massage 60 min $120
Total relaxation from head to toe. Enjoy it with someone who is deserving of your shared time. 

Superman Massage 90 min $150
This massage is customized specifically for you! This includes three different massages in one of your choice!